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Bisher wurden keine Bewertungen abgegeben. Bewerte dieses Bier und sammle Punkte für deinen Profil-Status. Gute Bewertungen (anderen Personen "gefällt. Febr. Degraa-Werbung: Aachener Stadtgeschichte - die letzte Aachener Brauerei Eine würzige Alternative zum Degraa-Bier ist das "Öcher Lager". Die Brauerei und Brennerei Jos. Degraa Erben KG wurde durch Peter Josef Degraa in Juli gab es wieder ein Bier namens Degraa, welches zunächst im Lohnbrauverfahren in Krefeld gebraut wurde. Allerdings handelte es sich.

While there are many types of beer brewed, the basics of brewing beer are shared across national and cultural boundaries.

English writer Michael Jackson , in his book The World Guide To Beer , categorised beers from around the world in local style groups suggested by local customs and names.

At these temperatures, yeast produces significant amounts of esters and other secondary flavour and aroma products, and the result is often a beer with slightly "fruity" compounds resembling apple, pear, pineapple, banana , plum, or prune, among others.

After the introduction of hops into England from Flanders in the 15th century, "ale" referred to an unhopped fermented drink, "beer" being used to describe a brew with an infusion of hops.

Real ale is the term coined by the Campaign for Real Ale CAMRA in [] for "beer brewed from traditional ingredients, matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed, and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide ".

It is applied to bottle conditioned and cask conditioned beers. Pale ale is a beer which uses a top-fermenting yeast [] and predominantly pale malt. Stout and porter are dark beers made using roasted malts or roast barley, and typically brewed with slow fermenting yeast.

There are a number of variations including Baltic porter, dry stout, and Imperial stout. The name "porter" was first used in to describe a dark brown beer popular with the street and river porters of London.

Mild ale has a predominantly malty palate. Wheat beer is brewed with a large proportion of wheat although it often also contains a significant proportion of malted barley.

Wheat beers are usually top-fermented. Lambic , a beer of Belgium , is naturally fermented using wild yeasts, rather than cultivated.

Yeast varieties such as Brettanomyces bruxellensis and Brettanomyces lambicus are common in lambics. In addition, other organisms such as Lactobacillus bacteria produce acids which contribute to the sourness.

Lager is cool fermented beer. Pale lagers are the most commonly consumed beers in the world. The name "lager" comes from the German "lagern" for "to store", as brewers around Bavaria stored beer in cool cellars and caves during the warm summer months.

These brewers noticed that the beers continued to ferment, and to also clear of sediment, when stored in cool conditions.

During the secondary stage, the lager clears and mellows. The cooler conditions also inhibit the natural production of esters and other byproducts, resulting in a "cleaner"-tasting beer.

With improved modern yeast strains, most lager breweries use only short periods of cold storage, typically 1—3 weeks.

Beer is measured and assessed by bitterness, by strength and by colour. Beer colour is determined by the malt. Pale lager and pale ale are terms used for beers made from malt dried with the fuel coke.

Coke was first used for roasting malt in , but it was not until around that the term pale ale was used. Dark beers are usually brewed from a pale malt or lager malt base with a small proportion of darker malt added to achieve the desired shade.

Other colourants—such as caramel—are also widely used to darken beers. Very dark beers, such as stout , use dark or patent malts that have been roasted longer.

Some have roasted unmalted barley. The alcohol in beer comes primarily from the metabolism of sugars that are produced during fermentation. The quantity of fermentable sugars in the wort and the variety of yeast used to ferment the wort are the primary factors that determine the amount of alcohol in the final beer.

Additional fermentable sugars are sometimes added to increase alcohol content, and enzymes are often added to the wort for certain styles of beer primarily "light" beers to convert more complex carbohydrates starches to fermentable sugars.

Low temperatures and too little fermentation time decreases the effectiveness of yeasts and consequently decreases the alcohol content. The weakest beers are dealcoholized beers , which typically have less than 0.

The strength of beers has climbed during the later years of the 20th century. Vetter 33, a The same company had previously made Sink The Bismarck!

Each of these beers are made using the eisbock method of fractional freezing , in which a strong ale is partially frozen and the ice is repeatedly removed, until the desired strength is reached, [] [] a process that may class the product as spirits rather than beer.

Draught also spelled "draft" beer from a pressurised keg using a lever-style dispenser and a spout is the most common method of dispensing in bars around the world.

A metal keg is pressurised with carbon dioxide CO 2 gas which drives the beer to the dispensing tap or faucet. Nitrogen produces fine bubbles, resulting in a dense head and a creamy mouthfeel.

Some types of beer can also be found in smaller, disposable kegs called beer balls. In the s, Guinness introduced the beer widget , a nitrogen-pressurised ball inside a can which creates a dense, tight head, similar to beer served from a nitrogen system.

Cask-conditioned ales or cask ales are unfiltered and unpasteurised beers. The act of stillaging and then venting a beer in this manner typically disturbs all the sediment, so it must be left for a suitable period to "drop" clear again, as well as to fully condition — this period can take anywhere from several hours to several days.

At this point the beer is ready to sell, either being pulled through a beer line with a hand pump, or simply being "gravity-fed" directly into the glass.

Most beers are cleared of yeast by filtering when packaged in bottles and cans. However, some drinkers prefer to pour in the yeast; this practice is customary with wheat beers.

Alternatively, the bottle may be inverted prior to opening. Glass bottles are always used for bottle conditioned beers.

Many beers are sold in cans, though there is considerable variation in the proportion between different countries. In Sweden in , Cans were initially viewed as a technological breakthrough for maintaining the quality of a beer, then became commonly associated with less expensive, mass-produced beers, even though the quality of storage in cans is much like bottles.

Most drinkers prefer pale lager to be served chilled, a low- or medium-strength pale ale to be served cool, while a strong barley wine or imperial stout to be served at room temperature.

Beer writer Michael Jackson proposed a five-level scale for serving temperatures: Drinking chilled beer began with the development of artificial refrigeration and by the s, was spread in those countries that concentrated on brewing pale lager.

Beer is consumed out of a variety of vessels, such as a glass, a beer stein , a mug, a pewter tankard , a beer bottle or a can; or at music festivals and some bars and nightclubs, from a plastic cup.

The shape of the glass from which beer is consumed can influence the perception of the beer and can define and accent the character of the style.

The rate of flow from the tap or other serving vessel, tilt of the glass, and position of the pour in the centre or down the side into the glass all influence the end result, such as the size and longevity of the head, lacing the pattern left by the head as it moves down the glass as the beer is drunk , and the release of carbonation.

Beer is dispensed from the beer tower into a drinking vessel. Beer contains ethanol , an alcohol , which has short and long-term effects on the user when consumed.

Different concentrations of alcohol in the human body have different effects on a person. The effects of alcohol depend on the amount an individual has drunk, the percentage of alcohol in the beer and the timespan over which the consumption has taken place, the amount of food eaten and whether an individual has taken other prescription, over-the-counter or street drugs , among other factors.

Drinking enough to cause a blood alcohol concentration BAC of 0. A BAC of 0. A BAC from 0. As with all alcoholic drinks, drinking while driving , operating an aircraft or heavy machinery increases the risk of an accident; many countries have severe criminal penalties against drunk driving.

A systematic review and meta-analysis found that moderate ethanol consumption brought no mortality benefit compared with lifetime abstention from ethanol consumption.

The long term health effects of continuous, moderate or heavy alcohol consumption include the risk of developing alcoholism and alcoholic liver disease.

Alcoholism , also known as "alcohol use disorder", is a broad term for any drinking of alcohol that results in problems.

It is considered that overeating and lack of muscle tone is the main cause of a beer belly , rather than beer consumption.

A study, however, found a link between binge drinking and a beer belly. But with most overconsumption, it is more a problem of improper exercise and overconsumption of carbohydrates than the product itself.

Beers vary in their nutritional content. Beer is sometimes referred to as "liquid bread ", [] though beer is not a meal in itself.

In many societies, beer is the most popular alcoholic drink. Various social traditions and activities are associated with beer drinking, such as playing cards, darts, or other pub games; attending beer festivals ; engaging in zythology the study of beer ; [] [] visiting a series of pubs in one evening; visiting breweries; beer-oriented tourism; or rating beer.

Beer is considered to be a social lubricant in many societies [] [] and is consumed in countries all over the world. There are breweries in Middle Eastern countries such as Syria , and in some African countries.

Sales of beer are four times those of wine, which is the second most popular alcoholic drink. A study published in the Neuropsychopharmacology journal in revealed the finding that the flavour of beer alone could provoke dopamine activity in the brain of the male participants, who wanted to drink more as a result.

The 49 men in the study were subject to positron emission tomography scans, while a computer-controlled device sprayed minute amounts of beer, water and a sports drink onto their tongues.

Compared with the taste of the sports drink, the taste of beer significantly increased the participants desire to drink.

Test results indicated that the flavour of the beer triggered a dopamine release, even though alcohol content in the spray was insufficient for the purpose of becoming intoxicated.

Some breweries have developed beers to pair with food. Around the world, there are many traditional and ancient starch-based drinks classed as beer.

In Africa, there are various ethnic beers made from sorghum or millet , such as Oshikundu [] in Namibia and Tella in Ethiopia. The Andes in South America has Chicha , made from germinated maize corn ; while the indigenous peoples in Brazil have Cauim , a traditional drink made since pre-Columbian times by chewing manioc so that an enzyme amylase present in human saliva can break down the starch into fermentable sugars; [] this is similar to Masato in Peru.

Some beers which are made from bread , which is linked to the earliest forms of beer, are Sahti in Finland, Kvass in Russia and Ukraine , and Bouza in Sudan.

Beer contains the phenolic acids 4-hydroxyphenylacetic acid , vanillic acid , caffeic acid , syringic acid , p -coumaric acid , ferulic acid , and sinapic acid.

Alkaline hydrolysis experiments show that most of the phenolic acids are present as bound forms and only a small portion can be detected as free compounds.

The alcohol 2M2B is a component of hops brewing. Barley, in the form of malt, brings the condensed tannins prodelphinidins B3 , B9 and C2 into beer.

Tryptophol , tyrosol , and phenylethanol are aromatic higher alcohols found in beer [] as secondary products of alcoholic fermentation [] products also known as congeners by Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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Schlenkerla Rauchbier, a traditional smoked beer , being poured from a cask. The process of brewing beer. Add yeast to fermenter. Draught beer and Cask ale.

Beer bottle and Drink can. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Short-term effects of alcohol consumption and Long-term effects of alcohol consumption.

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TongoRad is right about being able to estimate ABV by specific gravity or degrees plato using my above trick , but the final gravity is important to keep in mind as well.

A very dry beer like a bone dry saison will have a lower final gravity than something thick and sweet, like a scotch ale or an imperial stout.

A saison might finish at 1. Also note that some things, such as dry meads, can actually finish below 1.

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